Policy Council

Policy Council representation for Head Start and Early Head Start is a federal requirement.

Every Head Start and Early Head Start Center has a Parent Center Committee and each parent is a member. Out of the Parent Center Committee a representative is elected by the parents annually.

The Policy Council members receive training on Program Governance and the importance of working together as a team. The Policy Council meetings monthly and provides input on policies, program self assessment, grant applications, program design, hiring and reporting information back to the Parent Center Committees.

Any father, mother or guardian with a child in the program may run for Policy Council representation and some past parents may run for the “community representative” position.

The responsibility includes being able to commit to a once a month meeting and completing a Background Disclosure for the State of WI.

Benefits of Policy Council membership:

  • Learn valuable leadership skills
  • Received training in the many areas of HS & EHS
  • Give back to a program that is free to families
  • Opportunities to attend workshops and trainings
  • Awareness of job opportunities and education needed for employment

We are honored to partner with parents in launching children on the educational journey, in helping to build strong families. In celebrating cultural and individual uniqueness, in providing sound child development a d early learning experiences, in promoting good health and nutrition, in assisting to assure access to resources and in sharing the commitment of stakeholders throughout our service area.

~Carol Mishler – Executive Director


Randee Afizov – Chairperson
Beloit Head Start

Jaime Little – Vice-Chair. & WHSA Rep.
Beloit Center/Community Rep.

Carroll, Tiffany
Secretary Walworth County EHS

Lora, Lizeth
Elkhorn Head Start

Avelino, Regina
Walworth County Comm. Representative

Castellanos, Tawnya
Beloit Head Start

Burton, Veronica
Beloit Head Start

Johnson, Tyra
Janesville Head Start

Carbajal, Arlen
Janesville Head Start

Rollette, Brenda
Rock County EHS

Maddox, Mona
Beloit/Community Representative

Shire, Alyssa
Rock County EHS

Hill, Heather
Lake Geneva Star Center HS

Lundstrom, Megan
Whitewater Head Start

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