For Parents

Each family will have a Head Start Family Resource Worker or Early Head Start Family Advocate assigned to them to assist the family with goal setting and accessing community resources.

Parents are considered a child’s first and most important teacher and a child will benefit the most if parents are involved every step along the way.

Rock-Walworth HS & EHS will partner with mothers, fathers, guardians and foster parents to assure children have the most positive experience in Head Start/Early Head Start.

Parent Orientation

Be an active parent in Head Start (HS) & Early Head Start (EHS)

Parent Orientation is a required presentation before a child can attend a HS/EHS program, classroom or ride a HS/EHS bus.

Parent Center Meetings are held at every center and all parents are part of the Parent Center Committee.

Policy Council Elections are held on an annual basis and representatives are elected out of the Parent Center Committee. Every HS/EHS Center has one to three representatives depending on the number of children attending the center.

Family Nights take place three times a year and the theme is Family Literacy. The first Family Night is the Father-Child Literacy Night and is the beginning of recruiting father involvement. The remaining Family Nights are for the entire family and always include a meal, door prizes, activities and the HS or EHS child will self select a free book.

Classroom Volunteering is most important in Head Start and Early HS. Teachers welcome parents to volunteer in the classroom and work side by side with the teacher- or the parent may come into the classroom just to observe.

Early Head Start Home Base parents will meet with the Family Advocate on a weekly basis and do projects with their child that will assist with their child’s education.

Socializations are for EHS parents to attend with other EHS parents for networking, activities, speakers and a meal.

At-Home Projects are given to HS & EHS parents to assist parents in supporting the classroom themes and individual education curriculum areas.

Protecting Our Children

Child Abuse Prevention Handbook.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we look at our children grow and change daily, we, as parents/guardians, need to be aware of the many developmental and emotional stages our children go through.

Always remember – you are your child’s most important role model and teacher. You will prepare your child for the future by offering him or her choices, giving positive reinforcement, and being consistent. Children are our future. Let’s help them grow to be happy, healthy, and responsible adults.

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